R-GK Vulcan Goalie Gloves With Removable Pro Fingersaves - Improve Any Soccer Goalie's Confidence & Performance - 3 Styles/Cuts (Hybrid, Roll, Flat), Sizes 6-11 - Adult & Youth, Match Level

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Manufacturer Description

Wearing great goalie gloves makes a big difference for players at all levels. Let's face it, playing goalkeeper is arguably the hardest positions to play in soccer. Goalies have to be confident, mentally tough, agile, and have good hands. Their most important tool besides their brains is unquestionably their gloves. We won't claim that Renegade GK gloves will make every player a star keeper. What we can promise is the R-GK gloves will improve a players confidence, performance, and lessen the chance for injury. Knowing that you're wearing gloves with the latest safety, design, and construction methods makes a big difference in how you play.

We have a pretty simple philosophy at Renegade GK, make the best valued gloves that we can at each player level. It's about maximizing performance, not our profits. After all, we're keepers too. Every goalkeeper should have access to great gloves without breaking the bank, including you.

Vulcan Glove Specs:

  • Level - Match (Lvl 3)
  • Palm - German NB Hypergrip 3.5+3MM Latex
  • Backhand - Spanish Q7 3+3MM Latex
  • Body - 3D Airmesh
  • Bandage - 8CM Airpreen
  • Strap - 360°Dumbex 3MM Latex
  • Fingersaves - Endo-Tek Pro
  • Removable Fingersaves - Yes
  • Pre-Arched Palm - Yes
  • PU Thumb V-Notch - Yes
  • Nylon Strap Puller - Yes


IMPORTANT: Please refer to the Renegade GK Glove Sizing chart to issue proper fitting.

Returns & Exchanges - It's an imperfect world and modern, high tech goalkeeper gloves are complicated. Seams rip, stitches pop, latex tears, or sometimes the fit is a little off; it happens. For manufacturing defects, just send us a picture of the problem through Amazon and we'll send out a replacement pair or you can also return them for a refund. We'll even cover the shipping.

Product Features

IMPROVES CONFIDENCE & CONTROL: A player's confidence level will increase quickly after playing in a pair of Renegade GK gloves. Upgrades like the German latex palm, 180° thumb wrap, PU thumb V-notch, and pre-arched palm instantly improve grip and ball control. We know a goalkeeper has to be a quick thinker, fearless, and have sure hands. Keepers who wear R-GK gloves know their gloves will perform when they need it most and help take their game to the next level. LEADING SAFETY PROTECTION: All Renegade GK gloves use the new Endo-Tek Pro fingersaves. Unlike other finger finger save technology, they will not bend backwards, yet they remain highly flexible forward. You'll hardly notice they're there; plus they can be removed when needed. 3+3MM latex on both the palm and backhand provide an extra layer of protection for high impact shots and punching. The 8CM bandage and 3MM 360° broad strap offers excellent wrist protection without sacrificing flexibility. BALANCED PERFORMANCE & DURABILITY: All Renegade GK gloves are designed to balance the trade-off between performance and durability, which many competitors fail to do. The 3+3 MM latex palms are wear-resistant without sacrificing grip and ball control. The backhand has extra padding to limit the impact force with the ball and the ground. Our composite strap has been strengthened to withstand repeated use over time. Bottom line, R-GK gloves are designed to perform and built to last. SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We've gone to great lengths to pack as much value into every Renegade GK glove regardless of play level. All R-GK gloves use the latest design, materials, & construction methods to ensure that they fit well, are comfortable to wear, and easy to get on. The 3D Airmesh body ensures great breathability while small design features like the nylon strap puller and rubber pull tabs make a big difference putting them on. No more using your teeth for the 2nd glove. QUALITY GUARANTEED: We stand by the quality of our gloves, but nobody's perfect. Stitches pop, palms tear, gloves break....stuff happens. If something happens, we'll swap your gloves out no questions asked for 30 days. Beyond that, contact us anyways and we'll do our best. Just send us a message through Amazon and we'll take good care of you. Sizing exchanges can be quickly handled directly through Amazon. We want every keeper that wear's our gloves to be a happy part of the Renegade GK family.

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